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Quick entry for all you spammers out there who keep leaving stupid comments

it takes me a fraction of a second to delete your posts.  You may have scripted it, good, glad you wasted your time.  Why spam comments?  Most search engines ignore comments now, so you just fail.

I can say that you did annoy me enough to spend all of 20 minutes installing captcha on the blog as well as a few other anti-spam admin tools.  Stop wasting your time, go away, earn a buck in a less annoying way.

Sorry everyone else, i know how much you hate captcha...

Oh, i will be posting at some point on how to create a Linux based anti-spam server that will cut your spam emails down to size.  Spammers, you might want to check it out too, you might finally figure out where most of your email is going now!  :)


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