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Always under attack

I realize that hacking the planet is in.  I realize that i should secure my servers, even the ones that are not critical to operations or for instance the one that hosts this blog.  I also realize that i have limited time to do this.  So for those of you, mainly foreigners according to my logs, trying to gain unauthorized access to my server, please stop.  Its not yours, i am not trying to break into your house every 30 seconds.  

My logs are full of people trying to gain access to this server, either through RDP, my FTP, basically any open port.  ya, ya, port in a storm mentality i guess.

Well your combined annoyances are taking a toll on the server, so much so, i had to take additional protective action so you fools would stop wasting my server's resources.  Yes, servers have limited resources and when you try to hack them all day ( most of you are script kiddies or at least thats what the logs say ), my server starts to get bogged down.  So much so that a few of my test websites stopped working.  Then there is the waste of bandwidth that is incurred.

So from now on i am blocking several IP ranges that are hosted within certain countries.  I am not going to list them here because you know what you did.  For those attempting RDP access, no i dont want to lock it to an IP cause i travel, but welcome to my black hole software.  If you attempt three connections and fail to login, you are done for the day.  FTP is now blocked as well, i can turn that on if i need it.  

With these changes, my sites are no longer having an issue and i sincerely hope the script kiddies will move on to greener pastures and stop trying to waste my resources learning to become super l33t uber hackers(queue song from hackers movie).... for which you are not.  Buy/barrow your own tech, peel it like an onion, learn something from each layer and then buy/barrow something else.  Leave my tech alone dammit.

Now, get off my lawn!  :P