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Interesting issue with Netgear Router WNR3500

So i am building this flash website and when i am ready to test it, i usually upload it to a server on the web then view it from my PC.  This ensures the bandwidth controls and movie sequences are working properly.  This has been more in demand lately because it allows the site to send content to a flash movie playing on a client machine.  This usually involves XML files, php, some images and/or other movies.

Anyhow, i was testing this movie i just created and could not get it to play properly.  on top of that, images were coming into the slide show looking corrupted(half image in a hue or pixeled in the wrong colors).  I was also having issues with mass FTP transfers to my own server( i was uploading 100+ images to the gallery).  When this happened about 6 months ago, i chaulked it up to my server, course no one else viewing the slide show was having the issue and it looked fine on my work PC.  So this time it was actually messing up my slide show, i had transitional swf files that were not working right and music half playing.  The music was coded to download completely then play, servers on a 10Mb, song would start playing then stop.  Kinda hard to stop if the whole file was downloaded properly.

So this time i was bit peeved.  I decided to start looking at it from other PC's in my house.  All of them had the issue.  I then loaded up my netbook which had a fresh OS on it, same thing.  Well i have another connection at the house, so i plugged the netbook into it, no issues with the slide show.  I then plug it into my local network, issue returns.  Ah HA!  Must be a network issue on my LAN.  But what the heck could cause this?  Maybe my switch?  Plugged into the switch, ok, how about right from the router, ok, still no change.  So i then unplug the router and plug the netbook right to the modem, no problems viewing the slideshow!  Eureka!  I then scoured the web for fixes, loaded four different firmware revisions on the router, still no good.  Wiped the configuration.. still no go.

So after about an hour of trying all these various things, nothing fixed the issue but the removal of the router.  So i swapped the router for my old linksys G router, problem resolved.

Bottom line:  Netgear WNR3500 Router has issue with packet handling.  I dont have another netgear router to confirm this is a flaw in the router, but i suspect there is a fundamental flaw with these units given the search results.

Now i just need to buy a new wireless N gigabit switched router.  DLink came highly suggested, but everything i have bought from them has died in 2-3 years.  Also their tech support is horrible.  Thinking of a mikrotik router with WAP(probably overkill).